Prices & Costs

Garden Design Prices & Drone Images Prices

The price of garden planning can vary greatly depending upon the size and complexity of the scheme. Of course the time it takes to plan a garden can also depending on the materials chosen and any personal preferences or necessary research that requires to be undertaken either by the client or designer – as you can see to get the perfect solution there are many different aspects to be considered. 

A landscape project should ideally be seen as an investment and to get the best value-for-investment having a designer look at the project is the first step, just like having an architect look at a potential building project in order to make the most of creating a house, or a builder look at a construction project to offer expert advice.

Prices vary upon project and within reason are negotiable depending upon several factors including site location and complexity. 

Garden Design prices:

  • I’m always happy to provide a free site visit and advise on a potential project or scheme, I can be contacted here.
  • Garden Design prices are based on £95.00 per full hour with (within reason) free site visits during design work.
  • Site visits during construction are charged at a rate of £35.00 per half hour.
Terms and conditions for garden design work can be found here: Garden Design Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Drone / Aerial Images Prices

  • As with design work I am always happy to provide a site visit and have a look at the location or project. I can be contacted here.
  • Aerial/Drone work is charged at £125.00 for the first hour then at a rate of £55.00 per half hour thereafter. Repeat visits are charged at £55.00 per half hour with a minimum 1 hour charge.  Note that the time spent includes completing flight documentation and making sure the flight is safe as per CAA permissions. Every time the aircraft takes off there are costs involved for the pilot.
  • Aerial / Drone work for builders and construction need to contact me for applicable rates which are negotiable upon site specifications, the same applies for design work.
  • Prices are also dependent on the site/location and requirements. Some sites require significantly more planning than others to fulfill Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permissions. Please enquire for more details. 
Terms and conditions for SUA/SUAS (drone) work can be found here Aerial / Drone Terms and Conditions (PDF).