What We Do

Garden design is a fantastically rewarding job enabling people like you to have a garden to be proud of.

In a nutshell I can provide the ideas, thoughts and advice to enable a garden to be exactly what’s required. This can be through:
  • Consultation work
  • Advising on alterations and changes
  • Advice on rejuvenating existing gardens and planting schemes
  • Part or full-blown design work including planning permission advice where necessary
I’m a firm believer that actually physically being in a garden, marking out potential new borders, paths or lawns with canes or line-marker involves a client far more in the design process rather than sitting at a table looking through any number of design drawings. Imagining a potential garden is one thing – physically marking it out in your plot is another! It brings it to life far better than any drawing.

That’s why an hours consulation work is a great way to thrash out ideas, make decisions and explore previously unconsidered options regardless of the size of your garden or the scale of your project. The cost of an hour or two consultation is absolutely free, please see the ‘About Alan’ page for more info.

Of course I’m in the enviable position that I don’t physically build gardens (but I do get commissioned to design a terrific amount for clients and builders), so I have no financial interest in persuading anyone into expensive gardening work. If you only have a £500 budget and need to know how to best spend it on your project then I’ll happily give the very best advice I can and you can get on with the job knowing you are doing the right thing!

There are times though when design work and plans are vitally important, especially when a design needs specific measurements for ordering materials and for costing work if a builder or landscaper are required to build the garden. Also work involving  planning permission which I seem to deal with on a weekly basis for structures such as summerhouses, boundary walls, retaining walls, work and drainage near trees and highways – these are areas which I can give advice on if required. 

However, whatever your project I’d always initially advise a couple of hours free consultation advice – it may be all that’s required.